Melbourne's award winning cleaning service

Welcome to Swept Away eco-friendly cleaning, a boutique residential cleaning service in Melbourne’s inner north. Established in 2012, Swept Away continues to develop and lead sustainable eco-friendly cleaning. Our ecological approach to detailed cleaning focuses on health and wellbeing, and care for the planet.

We offer complete care from a deluxe clean to changing a lightbulb. Our ever evolving range of services aims to provide our clients with seamless integration of all things urban. From cleaning the house to walking the dog to removal of compost, we aim to make your life easier, more comfortable and hassle free.

Swept Away’s skilled team of specialists can manage many aspects of home maintenance so you can rest and relax. When our team cannot help we can usually recommend a professional using sustainable practice, whether it be a minor kitchen renovation or total new building design. Our interest and contacts in sustainable practices are far reaching.

We use a combination of micro fibre, steam and our own handmade all-natural all-purpose cleaning paste.


Winner Business Category 2016


Seriously Clean


A detailed deep clean from the ceiling fans to the floors and everything in between. Ideal for a spring clean, an initial clean before regular cleaning or for an entry or exit clean. Just what you need to bring things up to a high base standard.

Invisible Circus

This is your regular refresh and thorough surface clean. Offered as a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly service. Let the invisible circus's eye for detail reenergize your home.

Show Stopper

OMG! This package is the complete parade. Ideal for events or presale, this service is completely baroque but can include styling, plants, flowers, art, furniture and more.


“Their attention to detail, meticulous perfectionism, knowledge of how a busy family home operates and willingness to go above and beyond ensure that my home is cared for, loved and put back together every week in a manner that far exceeds my expectations."